The best options for biogas plant operation

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Technical analysis

Every technical development of a biogas plant requires consideration of the individual components. We can assist you in

  • acquiring an overview of the technically necessary components as well as scale suitable for your biogas plant.
  • filtering out the right solution for you from a large number of providers.

Options for future operation of biogas plants

Have you already weighed your options for the continued operation of your biogas plant after the end of the fixed EEG feed-in tariff (Germany) or biomethane contract?

We can support you in finding the best option technically and economically for continued operation of the biogas plant for your location, regardless of whether it is an EEG follow-up feed-in tariff, use of your own electricity, biogas upgrading, your own heat supply or a combination of these options.

Profitability analysis

In order to make sure that your investment decision is based on a solid foundation we can conduct a detailed study of several cases, which can be compared and used as a basis for identifying the most profitable case or provider for your location.

Plant consultation & documentation

The number of safety regulations for biogas plants and the number of legally-binding limit values ​​to be observed have increased steadily in recent years. We can assist you in keeping track of legal regulations and support you in fulfilling the requirements and providing compliant documentation.

Knowledge transfer

We can gladly share our experience on technical, economic and legal issues in the biogas sector with you. We are also available for organization or moderation of your biogas event.

Biological process monitoring

The performance of a biogas plant essentially depends on the performance of the bacteria in the fermenters. Optimal living conditions cannot be taken for granted. We can support you in

  • developing a feeding plan including trace element dosage.
  • interpreting laboratory results for further operation.

Expert opinions

We can gladly support you with our well-founded and professional expertise if

  • an expert opinion is required by the insurance company for a liability case.
  • facts must be clarified by an expert in legal disputes.
  • the value of a biogas plant has to be determined as part of the sale.