GHG balance calculation

Secure attractive individual revenue on the fuel market

With a custom greenhouse gas (GHG) balance, you can secure attractive revenues on the fuel market

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Calculation of GHG savings

We can carry out a custom calculation for your plant according to recognized methods and in close cooperation with the certification entities. As a product, you will receive a calculation table that can be handed over to the certification entity.

With the GHG balance calculation we can assist you

  • in the certification of your biomethane / electricity.
  • with the optimization of plant operation, by identifying the drivers of the CO2 savings value (and respective potential quota) of the plant.
  • with your investment decision by calculating the CO2 value of different technical and feedstock options.

We are also happy to assist you in assessing your project or business case.

Certification support

In addition to the GHG calculation itself, we can support you in the certification process by, for example,

  • identifying a suitable certification entity.
  • compiling the relevant documentation.

Quality management (QM)

For certification a quality management (QM) handbook with comprehensive documentation is required. We can gladly support you in the process of compiling the documentation and keeping it up to date.

Knowledge transfer & workshops

We are happy to share our experience in individual GHG-balancing with you. We can also put together individual workshops for you on the topics of GHG quota, sustainability certification according to REDCert/SURE, GHG balancing or optimization of the GHG balance. Get in touch with us!