Strategies for energy suppliers and marketers

The tasks and challenges of the energy transition are becoming increasingly complex. We develop strategic concepts, support decision-making processes and create solutions for energy suppliers, plant operators, politicians, municipalities and marketers.

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Jens Strahl M.Sc., M.Eng.

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Feasibility studies

By conducting a feasibility study in the context of the energy systems, we can:

  • identify and analyze potential solutions
  • evaluate the technical feasibility
  • comprehensively evaluate the profitability
  • highlight opportunities and risks

This enables us to find the best possible solution for you when it comes to strategic investment decisions, technical and economic realignments, the development of innovative business areas or the integration of new technologies in the practical environment. Through the comprehensive evaluation of potential solutions within the framework of a feasibility study, poor strategical investments and decisions can be avoided.

Market reports

We know the market for biogas and biomethane well - early recognition of market developments and knowledge of options in existing markets can significantly facilitate decision-making processes. Whether you want to enter the market or determine your position in the market - we can assist you!


Strategic decision-making processes in the field of renewable energy often involve complex, interdisciplinary issues. We bring together partners from the field, research, politics and consulting. National and international. Feel free to contact us to find the right minds for your challenge.

Knowledge transfer

We can gladly share our experience and knowledge in the field of renewable energy with specialization in the field of biogas and biomethane with you in lectures, courses and workshops individually tailored to meet your needs.

Renewable energy

The integration of different kinds of renewable energy offers development opportunities, but requires good strategies and concepts. We can assist you in finding a solution for evaluating different renewable energy sources and technologies within the context of the individual framework conditions and developing a suitable concept for your specific case.

Renewable gases

Gases from renewable energy sources are an important building block for the energy transition. The gas grid must continue to be used, whether with methane, hydrogen or power-to-gas energy carriers (e.g. methanation). Renewable gases are highly flexible in use, transportable and can be used for storage. We can assist you with strategic questions about production and use in this promising field.